TM prohibits user from accessing Dalnet ?

04 June 2009 | | 39 comments |

Recently, TM users are not able to connect to Dalnet. It seems that Telekom Malaysia has instituted some sort of change which prevents or interferes with connections to IRC for certain users.

If you are having difficulty connecting, you can try connecting to one of the following servers:

or connecting directly to some of the public servers in the US:

or certain Europe-based servers:

If you still can't connect, and aren't getting a DALnet-specific ban message, you will need to contact your ISP to let them know you're having a problem.

I've tried and it worked without any hassles.
so you guys, if you wanna access dalnet, you can connect via :)

Let's take a break. Watch this :D

16 September 2008 | | 1 comments |

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